Our Mission

We are a group of professional people who never normally lobby in the public arena. We are so concerned about the independent scientific evidence we have discovered around 5G and the serious health effects of 4G, WIFI and cell towers to our health, that we have created the “Say NO to 5G in beautiful Guernsey” initiative.

While Brussels, the Netherlands, parts of Italy, a number of US cities, Geneva and others have stopped 5G in its tracks, Guernsey at the moment like other countries is planning to forge ahead, in spite of advice from more than 248 of the world’s leading independent scientists and doctors. Technology is great but not if our health is at substantial risk.

Our aim is to put forward the scientific evidence so that the public can be educated and to lobby our caring and responsible politicians who we believe will make the right choice and apply the precautionary principle to indefinitely stop the 5G rollout. A number of eminent international doctors and scientists have already written to our politicians warning them of the dangers (Expert Advice).

We want a thorough review of the effects of wireless radiation in Guernsey seeking advice from independent scientific and medical independent experts who are separate from the telecoms industry;

To introduce (by learning from other countries) sensible regulations and effective legislation to educate the public about the health risks. Guernsey can then adopt the gold standard on EMF/RFR regulations to protect every one of our 63,000 VIP citizens made up of the elderly, adults, parents, kids, toddlers and our precious wildlife who all make up our community on our beautiful island as well as our environment.

We believe by running a positive public health awareness campaign we can instead create a unique opportunity for Guernsey to become a testbed for international research to create the safest and fastest connectivity in the world.

We want our decision makers to protect our health and to create a safe local environment of healthy connectivity with each other and the world!

Please help us to achieve our mission & share with your friends and families. We encourage you to voice your concerns and to write to our politicians who are due to vote on this matter in the next few months. We also encourage you to contact our Director of Health, Nicola Brink.

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