Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) & Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR)

Environmental Consequences

Mobile Mast Warnings

Do we ever learn?

Human Health Risks

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Thank you!

for taking the time to visit our website. Please email us if you wish to become involved to help persuade our caring and responsible politicians  to “Say No to 5G in Beautiful Guernsey”.  Please share with others if you are concerned.

Our thanks also go to all the international doctors, scientists and websites who have gone public with their knowledge for us to learn more as per the many links above so we can see for ourselves the risks of wireless radiation.  

We are really grateful to the international doctors and scientists who have already written to our caring decision makers with the scientific evidence. Special thanks to Dr Devra Davis (and her team at the Environmental Health Trust), the highly distinguished world leading epidemiologist who was a senior scientist on Al Gore’s Nobel Peace prize 2007 team. Other expert letters are on the way. (Expert Advice)

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